Casino Deposit Options

IF you are not able to deposit with your VISA or Mastercard because of the current credit card rejection(7995) problem and the buyout of PayPal by Ebay

banning gambling related transactions, many other online payment methods are

being used now.

Below are companies that most casinos now accept and if they don’t they will soon!

Visit Neteller Website

NETeller is clearly the leader; it is fast and easy. Opening a NETeller account

is like using an online wallet. You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to

any merchants that support NETeller. You can deposit with Visa, MasterCard,

Electronic Funds Transfer, Bank Deposit or Wire. Note that NETeller is not

available for GBP players. NETeller provide same-day payments and virtually

instant cash transfers. Best of all you pay no charges for transfers.

NETeller’s Advantages:

Making transfers is quick and easy

Large variety of deposit and withdrawal methods

Credit card information is kept private from merchants

Access and transfer funds, anytime from anywhere

Visit Firepay Website

FirePay is an excellent choice and is very easy to sign up, taking only 5 minutes

with step by step instructions. It’s a free service that works like an ATM/debit card.

FirePay’s Advantages:

Credit card information is kept private from merchants

Gain real-time access to your deposited funds in your bank account

Not only is this alternative payment mechanism convenient, but using FirePay

eliminates those annoying credit card aggravations.


Western Union is the fast, convenient and easy way to wire money. Western Union transfers

can be made over the phone or online with your credit card. Funds usually arrive

within 10 minutes, and it’s 100% guaranteed! Western Union® Agent location,

call 1-800-CALL-CASHSM or send money online, the choice is yours.

Visit PPATM Website

PrePaidATM is a new service available to players in the USA. When you apply

for a PrePaidATM card you receive both a real card and a virtual card. Only

citizens of the United States can be a Cardholder at this time. However,

Cardholders may provide additional Cards to family and friends in other

countries. Each Cardholder can have up to 10 cards in their name. The card acts

as an ATM Card, Debit Card, and Money Transfer Card all in one.

PrePaidATM’s Advantages:

Purchase products or services online – without revealing personal information

Send money to anyone – anywhere in the world in seconds